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Jack Dupon record “Jésus l’aventurier” to be released on March, 28th

March 15, 2013

On March 28th our friends from Jack Dupon will release their 5th record (including a live double disc) entitled JESUS L’AVENTURIER via Musea in Europe and David Roberge’s Transit Music Group in the US. It’s said to be a concept album about dubious  (fictitious? no way – Jack Dupon is a serious band!) characters, serial killers etc., in history, each of them being honered with a song and that’s what the track listing will look like:

  1. Margaretha Geertruida  Zelle 1876-1917 Secret agent for money
  2. Ulysse between 1344 and 1150 BC Eerie hero
  3. Brynhild Storset 1859-1908? Serial killer
  4. Raymond Callemin 1890-1913 Scientific individualist killer
  5. Grigori Raspoustine 1869-1916 Wandering mystic
  6. Butch “Robert LeRoy Parker” 1866… 1908? Bank robber
  7. Alexandra David-Néel 1868-1969 Singer, orientalist, tibetan pilgrim, freemason
  8. Modestine vers 1978 faithful and loyal donkey of Robert Louis Stevenson
  9. Laïka « little barker» 1954-1957 Soviet space dog
  10. Jack “John Griffith Chaney” 1876-1916 Novelist, sealer

You can preorder the record via the band for 12 € at

If you’re not sure whether to trust us or not, grab a pre-listening session to one of the songs from the new album at

Jésus l'aventurier


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