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Guillaume Perret and the Electric Epic, Patchwork Festival, 26.01.13

March 9, 2013

So who’s that Guillaume Perret, rousing several genres from Jazz via Avantgarde, Rock In Opposition and Zeuhl to Progressive Rock? Celebrated as a prodigy on the sax and undoubtedly remarkably talented, he and his band mates along whom is Magma’s bass player Philippe Bussonnet seemingly turned up from nowhere – and set out to tumble standing concepts. Constantly touring, mostly in France, they claimed reputation as a stunning, mind-blowing live ensemble. As a next cornerstone, they released their debut last year on John Zorn’s Tzadik label (!).

At the heart of their music of course stands the saxophone of Guillaume Perret, brilliantly controlled, masterfully guided through a zoo of effect pedals, distorted and “wah-wah”ed, ornamented with an arsenal of effects and always prospecting for fresh tones. Electric Epics music imbedding this untamed sax jumps from softly charming to brutal, from lurking around to sudden outbursts of raw energy or, martially speaking, from creation to destruction.

Thanks to Patchwork Festival in Delemont for inviting them – sadly the crowd was rather manageable but the set was not derogated by that in any respect. Great concert, great music, great guys – if you ever have the chance: go see them!

And again – in short, Guillaume Perret elicits yet unheard sounds out of the sax – an advance in pictures:


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