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December 8, 2012

The first task one has to cope with while looking for File-Under Records in Nagoya is to find its entry – at least for the author it was kind of hard. Located in the shopping area Osu close to metro station Kamimaezu, you have to find the building’s entry (marked by the sign you see on the first picture) and climb up to 4th floor to access this small but distinguished underground record store which serves you with foreign alternative (surprisingly e.g. the Austrian broken.heart.collector’s record) as well as with Japanese Noise, Rock In Opposition and Avantgarde CDs and records. The owner Takehiko Yamada, who appears to be a well-known local hero (Japan Times), tells you all about subversive Japanese Underground you need to know, pulls out stunning albums and plays them for you. “Yamada” has also served as a mentor and supporter to local acts in releasing their CDs, giving self-released records a chance to be sold in his store and pulling strings to spread the word about them.

From the well known Ruins, some of their side projects to British Alternative, from more sophisticated and less known Japanese hardcore and Nagoya local bands to crooked folk-pop you can find here basically every strange noise you weren’t looking for – not to forget the owner’s label Knew Noise Recordings.

Their website is (which is partly in Japanese but the most important information is written in latin letters) and their address is

Tatematsu Building 402 3-8-14
Nagoya 460-0011 (Japan)
Mo-So: 12-21 (Tue closed)
Tel.: 052-242-6810

On the map you can find File-Under here:


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