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November 19, 2012

Another nice, small CD- and Vinyl-Store a little bit off the beaten track compared to other Vienna record stores, which are mostly located in “6. Bezirk”.
Nevertheless, this one offers what they called a Vinyl Bazaar in two back rooms where 2nd hand records from Avantgarde to Rock In Opposition to Jazz to Comtemporary Classical (as well as Worldmusic and even music for children) are sold. I found some very rare signed Jazz editions, some Fred Frith records, some Univers Zero and more of the same kind. They also sell merch stuff such as books and supportive vinyl equipment.  Though, Alternative/Indie records are hardly found here – for these genres rather look at Substance.

However, they also have an attached label (for unknown reasons also called Extraplatte) through which they released since the 70’s records from mostly Austrian artists with unusual but great sounding names such as “Aufsässige Volkslieder Aus Österreich” (“rebellious folk songs from Austra” in English) and put out a whole bunch of samplers. From chatting with the vendor I became aware that in the late 70’s and during the 80’s they’ve been the Austrian Rock In Opposition bastion (explains a lot of the above mentioned catalogue – hngh?!) and the national RecRec distributor in these days – so a store with some stories to tell and they’re willing to do so if you only drop by and ask!

The prices are moderate (around 20€ for the usual stuff) and head to usual-in-the-market prices for the really very rare records (e.g. ~40€s for the some Univers Zero discs).

Their website is where you can also mailorder and their adress is

Währinger Straße 46
1090 Wien

Mo-Fr 12.00 – 18.00h
Sa 10.00 – 13.00h

Tel.: +43 1 31 01 084-17

You’ll find them on the map here:


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