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RADIO!!! – ABGTPR: …still…ON AIR?! – 17.10.12 – 20:00 CET –

October 16, 2012

Hi folks,

well, as far as I know our ON AIR time is over and as in the days before this glorious, golden era, we will be relieably receivable over traditional media such as the internet! It was a nice time surfin’ the VHF wave and we honestly enjoyed exploring these new possibilities but decided that our listeners, i.e. YOU, are not ready yet for such an incisive change towards future technologies!

Nevertheless or just because of this, we don’t hesitate to present you new stuff which we either re-listened or which just arrived by mail – well, sometimes it’s so damn fresh that we don’t even know what exactly we’re presenting.

Btw.: we had a creative maintenance which took place in a small room in the middle of nowhere and other dogshit – a hermitage – a lock yourself in and listen to the freshest tunes on this planet nonstop for 72 hours…as a result, I think we’re prepared to force you, critics!

So, tune in to find out! We have some prog rock for you! some Rock In Opposition! Some Free-whatsoever and many more!

…and needless to say: please share this if you’re interested in your friends musical taste!

Stay Tun’d!


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