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NichelOdeon – NO

July 15, 2012

NichelOdeon was originally a project of the italian songwriter and vocalist Claudio Milano, who was accompanied by some Avantgarde musicians, two of which, namely Francesco Zago and Maurizio Fasoli are well known to everyone who got in touch with the AltrOcks Yugen. Since it was thought to be more a project than an actual band from the beginning, the line-up changed drastically. For recording the second album, “Il gioco del silenzio”, Milano changed ALL the musicians, which of course also caused a change in sound.

And it’s parts of this second album – or to state it correctly: live versions of five of its songs – this review is about. Released this spring online and downloadable for free, Milano presents an appetizer for all potentially interested listeners who didn’t know about his project ’till now.

“NO” contains, as already stated above, five songs of “Il gioco del silenzio” – and it’s live versions of the first two tracks of the studio album this – say – EP opens with. “Fame” is in contrast to it’s album version almost unleashed, the sax sound is more direct, the drums, which on the original version are mostly confined to percussion, are the driving force behind the song and the typical italian singing of Claudio Milano reminds of some of the italian prog singers of the seventies, mostly of Area’s Demetrio Stratos. This is most appearent in the second song, “Fabia”, which also mutated from a rather quiet though intense and intimate piece of music – thanks to the drums – to a rocking sound based largely on the interplay between piano and voice. “Malomore e la lune” is presented in a gravely shortened version and thereby lost all of it’s improvised interplay, “Apnea”‘s attitude instantly reminds of the Beglian / French Chamber-Avant Connection though appearence of vocals and also the closing “Claustrofilia” is presented in an intensified version, starting with a piano-dominated beginning followed by minimal, claustrophobical vocals and steeply climatic into chaos towards the end of this EP.

This download is an invitation to the explore the latest progress of one of the greatest italian interplays from Avantgarde to classical Italian Prog – Milano himself calls it “Praggressive Rock”. To sum it up: one should really not refuse this calling note to dive into another great italian band.

So click on the picture or download directly by clicking on FLAC or MP3.

Eduard Tetzlaff


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