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Rekomando / Polí5

July 14, 2012

This record store in the South of Prague and hence somewhat apart from the touristic spots is really worth the exertion for several reasons: a) touristic hot spots are boring and b) man, what a chilly shop! It basically serves for 3 things:

      2nd hand record store
      retailer/distributor for 2 labels
      book store for antiquarian books (just mentioned for completeness…)

As you can guess from the pictures (below), their oevre of 2nd hand discs is great. Ranging from Avantgarde over classical Prog Rock to Rock In Opposition they provide fine records in perfect conditions. The assortment is not huge but due to its diversity suffices easily to enthuse. If you ask, they pull out great Cech Prog and Jazzrock stuff from the early 90s, Hungarian Avantgarde or – to my surprise – hardly distributed vinyls, e.g. Fishtank series of The Black Heart Procession and Solbakken, who was the headmaster of the latest and much celebrated Motorpsycho record!

Contrary to the other record stores in Prague, this one is mainly focused on underground music and is probably the only shop there where you can find sealed Art Zoyd recordings!

Frequently, there are exhibitions and concerts in the shop – record release partys and regular underground concerts, videos of which you can find on youtube!

Also, as mentioned earlier, the shop serves as kind of a headquarter / distributor of two in-house-record-labels, which are Polí5 and Day After. The first one provides some really nice though unknown records, including (Avant-) Jazz records (e.g. Limbo), improvised Avant / RIO (DoMa Ensemble) etc. but also electro-spiced Jazz (B4 (5)) or minimal electro records,  (e.g. Birds build nests underground – a 2DJ/1VJ set with soundtracks with an conception reminding vaguely of the last Art Zoyd recordings but musically is rather a “wall of samples” sewn together).

Their (cech) website is  which should soon be availible in English and their adress is

Trojanova 9
CZ-120 00 Praha 2 (Cech Republic)
Mo – Sat 10-18
Tel.: +420 224 910 041

On the map you can find Rekomando / Polí5 here:


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