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Rave Up

May 26, 2012

Funny experience in this shop: entering it I was welcomed by HipHop Beats (not the annonying kind, rather laid-back) and on first sight I discovered Henry Cow, Velvet Underground, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and Godspeed! You black emperor hanging on the wall and in the shelves – somehow schizophrenic but Hey, that’s the spirit! – so no genre limits expected here!

The store is arrranged in two rooms, which are arranged in a somewhat “inverse” manner:

the first one is framed by vinyl shelves ranging from some Avantgarde, some RIO, some ProgRock, PostRock (Constellation releases),  Industrial, Japan Noise, Ambient, to (some of you might be interested)  Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Electro, Minimal etc..

In the center of the first room a CD rack, one side focused on Austrian-, Viennese – and International Electronic, the other side with Hip Hop and Trip Hop.

The second room is mainly focused on CDs and gained some fame in Vienna for its fine selection of Alternative/Indie and Austrian- and Viennese underground! But even here you find on two walls vinyls from Jazz, 60‘s & 70‘s releases (represses and originals) to Easy Listening and Reggae!

Found some Slapp Happy/Henry Cow records and the owner told me of some This Heat releases he owns but the prices were – as had to be expected – rather high and I had the impression as if he didn’t really want to sell them…but be honest: who would?! The staff seemed to have a great overview over all different genres and kinds of music.

The prices are generally moderate and range mostly from 15€ to 20€ for NEW vinyls (some up to 25€ but that’s rather the maximum (except for the rare records I mentioned above)).

Their website is where you can also mailorder and their adress is

Hofmühlgasse 1
A-1060 Vienna (Austria)
Mo – Fr 10-18.30,
Sat 10-17.00
Tel.: +43 1 596 96 50

You’ll find them on the map here:

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