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Tonight, tonight at 20:00 CET: A Beginners’ Guide to Progressive Rock covers 1989 – the year of the OSTensible tumbling down of the CCCR on

December 14, 2011

Hi p/gals,

sorry – last week we didn’t make it so a random earlier show was streamed…we try again, so same text, same running order, same tracklist, same everything as last week (but new photo (sic!)) – anyhow, get this:

1989 was a sad year – not much happened but the ostensible (haha – OSTensible…) tumbling down of the communist systems all over the world, the end of the war in Afghanistan and so on…some of us hugged our GDR ethnic brothers…some didn’t…
As became apparent in the last days this tumbling down was rather a mere window-dressing…a “New Skin for the Old Ceremony” (Leonard Cohen record from’73) – “Sad but True” (you know what this is, right?!)…

Also, 3 days ago the 40th anniversary of the burning down of the Casino in Montreux was “celebrated” with a lot of smoke on the water” and “fire in the sky” – this burning down happened during a Frank Zappa show, so not completely irrelevant to our show…for more information and pictures and so on, check out the Montreux Jazz Festival’s blogpost http://​​42

Anyhow, even in these unspectacular days spectacular music was recorded and will be brought to you in these unspectacular days by the best radio show in the world – week after week and still going…check it out – we promise entertainment, fun, a variety of different musical styles and a really pleasureful evening!

Stay Tun’d!



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