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’87 – like Mr. wannabewarhead Reagan yellin’ it out to you – Wednesday, 23.11.11, 20:00 CET,

November 23, 2011

So, folks, friends, listeners – whazzaaaap?^^


again, some important announcements have to be made (of course in an axiomatic order of priority):

a) Ede is back

b) hm…

c) *void*

d) incredible but true – “even in the saddest moments” (adapted from Supertramp) or years like ’87 we found some glimmering highlights of recorded noise!!! some actually quite listenable tunes by some call-themselves-musicians such as to-the-regularly-listening​-folks well-known Zurigo- based FF (no – not “fortissimo” – an actuall name).
so another chilly evening with your favourite radio-men which will teach other pieces of wisdom such as “Not everyone is as rich as your parents”, present you “Swiss Ländler-music goes avantgarde”, scandinavian Solos, japanese drum-chaotics, and all that kind of skits!


Tune in or stay out – or – with some gangsta-street-credibility​: Be there or be squareeee!



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  1. btw.: the nice mummy’s boy, though announced, won’t speak – feel relieved!

  2. the hair color – though you can’t tell from the BW pic – is hazel and will always be…

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